Online Salary Benchmarking

Online salary benchmarking at your fingertips.


Launched in December 2013 to gather data on an ongoing basis, is arguably the most updated salary benchmark in Malta. The survey is now made up of more than 8,000 data points and provides remuneration data for more than 90 different roles. The survey provides a comprehensive study on salaries and benefi­ts in Malta. The Remuneration Survey report covers and benchmarks positions through all hierarchical levels of organisations, from senior management to administrative level, across various industries. Purchasing a report entitles you to a 12-month 24/7 membership, with email notifications when updates to a position you purchased, have been made.

Human resources are a key factor of success. It is crucial for organisations to be competitive if they are to attract and retain the best talent. One way of doing this is by offering the right remuneration package.

How it works

A cross section of organisations operating in Malta are invited to participate in this study by submitting their salary data under a confi­dentiality agreement. The submitted data will be accompanied by other labour market statistics to extract and present accurate and factual results in an online platform - a platform packed with various reports and customisable searches. Individual participants can also submit their salary data directly to a research representative. All submitted data will be protected by a signed non-disclosure agreement.

We don’t automatically add salary information to the database. We follow a strict process for collecting data. This ensures the validity and reliability of the online salary benchmarking tool.


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