Intrapreneurship and how it hacks innovation, behaviour and process – “It all starts from within”

Intrapreneurship can be a powerful tool to positively effect your business and what matters most to it. In a world where innovation is a lot more than just a buzz world, and processes need to continuously be refined and optimized, fostering a culture of ownership amongst your staff could be the key to staying ahead.

Applying Intrapreneurship to the product life cycle

Being an intrapreneur is about knowing where to be innovative and how to make it happen. Today, most companies say they are innovative but is it just a buzz word? The event will focus on how to look for innovative ways to help grow your business and think in an intrapreneurial manner. The event will discuss the various stages that all products and services go through and where to identify innovation that makes adifference. Moreover, the event gives hints and tips on how to think lean, particularly on how to sell and market effectively in a lean, low cost, manner.

Through the event you will improve your ability to pitch a product or an idea, improve marketing tactics, identify product development opportunities and create a funnel for new ideas.

The target audience for the event are sales and marketing professionals that are looking to understand how they can grow their business and be innovative, as well as interested in developing differentiation for their product. The event applies to all industries including those that are services based.

Is your sales pitch uninspiring? Is your product value not being recognized? Do you have a challenge with wasted marketing budgets? Do you clearly understand what value you give to your customers? Do you know what the next 5 years of your product life will be like?

At the end of the event, you will learn how to look for new ideas to improve sales and marketing function, as well as identify at least one idea to improve your business.

Module 1: Intrapreneurship – Finding and building intrapreneurs
Date: 16 May 2014
Time: 0900 - 1030

  • Introduction to Intrapreneurship and the product life cycle
  • The value of innovation
  • Where to find innovation in your product life cycle
Module 2: What is required for Intrapreneurs to flourish?
Date: 16 May 2014
Time: 1100 - 1300

  • Define your product life cycle
  • Look for innovation possibilities
  • Pitch innovative ideas

Guest Speaker

Simon Azzopardi
Managing Director - Tain and Able

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