Change Your Frequency

Managing change and working towards adaptability through strong leadership and communication strategies came under the spotlight in 2011. Coincidentally, the Arab Spring had just begun and many business leaders present had been affected by the Libyan crisis. Change Your Frequency delved into the importance of leaders’ ability to tune in to their operational and organizational environments and listen to their people more attentively. Branding firm BRND WGN custom-created videos provoking participants to examine their brand’s values, online presence and the extraordinary reach of social media.

Change can be expensive – procrastination far more – Ivan Bartolo

Be the change you want to see. But never denigrate your past – it was once where youwanted to be – Sue Cole

Guest Speakers

Susan Cole
Director - Mdina Partnership UK

Albert Mamo
Managing Director - Gasan Mamo

Anthony Diacono
Chairman - Medserv plc

Helga Ellul
CEO - Playmobil Malta

Ivan Bartolo
CEO - 6pm

Julian Jaeger
CEO - Malta International AIrport

Lou Bondi

Steve O'Halloran
- - Adaptex

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