HR Event 2016

Further to last year’s successful HR Spring Event this year we look forward to seeing you at this year’s event which is packed with excellent speakers who aim to give you insight on various topics and help you develop further in your HR career. This event is also a great opportunity to network with leading HR professionals. Join us at this gathering which shall equip you with further knowledge and a good network.

08:30 Registration

Collection of name tags & breakfast
08:55 Introduction
Speakers: Dr. Roselyn Borg, Morgan Parnis

Opening of the HR Spring Conference by Dr Roselyn Borg, advocate and founder of Twenty One Law, and Morgan Parnis, CEO Business Leaders Malta.
09:00 Constant Change – Worrier or WARRIOR? It’s Your Choice!
Speakers: Paul Bellard

They say that there is ‘nothing more certain than change’. Whether business or personal life we all have to face the never ending effects of both planned change and surprise change. 

We expect everything to work out as we would like but of course, life is not like that. Life, business or work can throw anything at us at any time and if we are not equipped to handle it and understand the psychological effects that change brings, we feel doubt, resistance, fear and it the worst case case, we can spin out of control. 

During this talk with International Inspirational Speaker, Paul Bellard, will use his inspirational story of a surprise change that left him unable to walk, broke and emotionally broken to help us explore why is it that when ‘change challenges’ hit, that some people become a ‘worrier’, give up, quit and fail yet others seem to become a Warrior! They use the change to thrive and survive? 

We will examine why it is some people seem to easily ‘Fly High’ in life yet others seem to never even get off the ground. 

We will examine how your personal identity, your perceived comfort zone and capacity for change affects your success levels in ALL areas of life including business.  

You will discover how to make some changes of your own - on the inside, that will transform your perception of what is possible for you.

With your new insight and new skills you will be able to navigate through any challenge that life, business or work throws at you. You will be able to remain focused, for longer and more often, even if all around you appears to be falling apart. You will make better decisions and face challenges head on, like the ‘Change WARRIOR that you are.
10:00 Case Study: Talent Management in Malta - An Emerging Practice illustrated by the GO Plc Experience
Speakers: Marie Louise Theobald, James Ashton

The future of your organisation, your successes and perhaps your failures too will be a result of your key people’s decisions and actions. Talent is the question, although how you define it is unique to your own context. In this talk Marie Louise Theobald from GO and James Ashton from Multiplex Partners describe talent activation in light of the process they led at GO in 2015 and 2016. They'll talk about the broad talent context and then provide insights from the situation at GO.  Sharing some of the data and insights from the talent puzzle at GO, they’ll also take a look at some of the general implications for Maltese talent. Talent activation has a slightly differently aspiration from the more common "talent management” and it depends heavily on partnership between HR and Senior Leadership; it is about creating a system of management and experience that ultimately will mobilise people and the organisation more energetically, in a directed and fruitful way.
11:00 Brunch & Networking

Time to network and meet other HR professionals
11:30 Human Capital and ROI
Speakers: Jackey Backman

Developing Human Capital through Emotional Intelligence (EI) is no longer optional for organizations that want to exist into the next decade. 

Experts predict that as the Millennials continue to saturate the workforce their strong sense of community (local and global) will drive the necessity for balancing their technical skills with their Emotional Intelligence. Although their confidence and tolerance are amongst their attributes, their strong sense of  entitlement and narcissism will prove to be beyond challenging for any antiquated leadership strategies. 
"Human beings are emotionally motivated and all the technical skills in the world cannot change that.The ability to develop your talent and maximize their Emotional Intelligence is redefining how we do business at a global level." 

During this insightful session you will discover:

What is Human Capital?
How does EI impact your ROI?
How to maximize your investment on Human Capital?
What happens to organizations that don’t?
12:15 Creating an Employee Value Proposition Strategy
Speakers: Caroline Buhagiar

A strong employee value proposition (EVP) is not so much what organisations say they do but rather what employees, prospective candidates and customers think about an organisation. Today, employees and customers alike have a strong say on which organisation is considered to be a good employer. This is amplified through social media tools used on a daily basis.

In order to create a solid EVP, leaders and HR executives need to embed their EVP strategy within job descriptions’ key performance indicators, in employees’ onboarding process, performance review and exit interviews. A good EVP is very much linked to the employer brand or image of the organisation both inside and outside.
12:45 Employee Research Awards
Speakers: Morgan Parnis

Presentation of BLM Employee Research Awards

Guest Speakers

Dr. Roselyn Borg
Founder & Advocate - Twenty One Law

Marie Louise Theobald
HR - Senior Manager - GO plc

Paul Bellard
International Professional Speaker, Executive Coach / Trainer To Business Elite - Paul Bellard Ltd

Jackey Backman
Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Talent Development Specialist

Caroline Buhagiar
Head of Analytics -

James Ashton
Managing Partner - Multiplex

Morgan Parnis
Managing Partner & CEO - Business Leaders


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