Atlas, Nectar and Novartis emerge as winners of the Employee’s Voice Awards 2016

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Atlas, Nectar and Novartis emerge as winners of the Employee’s Voice Awards 2016

Atlas, Nectar and Novartis have emerged as winners in their respective categories during yesterday's presentation of the Employee’s Voice Awards 2016 at Business Leaders Malta's third consecutive HR Spring Event.
This annual award recognises organisations for their outstanding work in employee engagement. Each year participating companies who make use of our employee research tool aimed at improving employee engagement are enlisted for the Employee’s Voice Awards. The companies who perform best in their respective categories are awarded with the Award. 
Employee’s Voice segments companies into three different categories depending on the number of employees. These three categories are: 10 to 59 employees, 60 to 149 employees and 150+ employees. This year, Atlas, Nectar and Novartis emerged as winners in the 150+ category, 60-149 category and 10-59 category, respectively.
The awards were delivered by Business Leaders Malta’s CEO, Morgan Parnis and Head of Research, Vanessa Bajada shortly after a series of talks by HR experts on local and global HR challenges.  
For more information on the Employee's Voice Awards visit:

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