Third Annual HR Spring Conference Reveals Tools, Resources & Solutions to Address HR Challenges

Thursday, 13 April 2017

From left to right, special guests and HR experts: Fabrizio Battaglia, Partners at Global Partners Inc.; Alison Townson, Talent and Leadership Development Practitioner; and Colin Lock, HR Consultant at Mdina International.

Business Leaders Malta (BLM) will host its third annual conference, “HR Spring Event” on May 16, 2017. Designed specifically for Human Resources professionals, HR specialists from all industries will be brought together to provide delegates with tools, resources and solutions to address local and global HR challenges.
The conference, which is expected to bring together around 150 HR specialists, will commence with a welcome reception, followed by a series of talks and discussions by experts in the field and conclude with the presentation of the BLM Employee Voice Awards, an award honouring the most successful organisations for their excellence in employee engagement.
Invited this year to share their wisdom on stage on insights and strategies that contribute to the acceleration of human resources performances within organisations, include special guests and HR experts:
Fabrizio Battalgia, Partner at Global Partners Inc., with the topic: Elevating HR's value in the board room
Alison Townson, Talent and Leadership Development Practitioner, with the topic: Lion or Wallflower – Creating the right levels of presence
Colin Lock, HR Consultant at Mdina International, with the topic: Employer Attraction
Each talk will unfold in the form of a presentation followed by a discussion. The ultimate aim of these sessions will be to provide insight on the HR leadership qualities and tools that have the potential to shape an organisation’s HR performance potential to optimum standards.

The aim of BLM’s “HR Spring Event” is in fact this, the strive to provide a platform where these HR leadership qualities and tools can be exchanged and translated into values of integrity, respect, communication, competence and team spirit which ultimately lead to successful organisational growth.
For more information on the event or on how to register for the conference, please visit:

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