New Course - Law for Directors and Managers

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Law for Directors and Managers

Business leaders Malta in collaboration with Twenty One law is organising a new course – Law for Directors and Managers. For any director or manager it is essential to be acquainted with and have an understanding of the legal language and reasoning of various areas of law. Companies sustain and strive in an environment where affinity with the law is a must.

This course invites directors and managers to obtain the necessary knowledge on what is involved legally in the business arena. Directors and managers will look at situations with a new perspective and improved confidence when dealing with various issues within their organisation. The course covers the following aspects of law: Company law, Employment law, Health and Safety law, Data Protection, Competition law and Commercial Agreements.

Law for Directors and Managers will be held over eight lectures starting in October and the lectures will be held by lawyers who are experts in the respective areas of law. More information may be obtained by sending an email to

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