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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

BLM Awards 2014

“Workplace superheroes are truly engaged and that doesn’t just mean happy or satisfied,” Kevin Kruse. 

Healthy organisations are defined by highly engaged employees. Such employees do not only like to work in the organisation but are also proud to do so.  Employee participation and engagement is at the top of the agenda for successful business leaders mostly because it is recognised that much of the knowledge required for a business to be competitive is actually inside the employees’ minds. Thus, Human Resources Management takes on a key role in the strategic development of an organisation.

Business Leaders Malta’s Employee Research is a tool that provides key decision makers with actionable information that is crucial in the strategic design of an organisation’s yearly HR roadmap.  It is designed to examine the successes and shortcomings of human capital management strategies.  The survey explores 7 domains that represent the core aspects of an organisation’s human capital management structure and benchmarks the results across different industries in the local market. The benchmark report clusters organisations in three categories defined by company size.  The highest scoring organisation in each category are rewarded with a Business Leaders Malta Award.

This year’s BLM Awards will be announced at the very first Business Leaders Malta HR Spring Event, which is taking place on 29th April 2015.

BLM Awards past winners


Smart Technologies
Cardinal Health


Browns Pharma
Cardinal Health


Who will it be this year? 

Find out here!

Next year it could be you! For more information about BLM Employee Research contact

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