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Monday, 20 January 2020

Gert recognised as an Employer of Choice!

Do you ever think What now? What’s in store for me next? as you draw closer to the end of something? Perhaps at the end of a year when a new year is fast approaching? Well, we have just waved 2019 goodbye and kicked off a whole new year and decade, and if you’re anything like us, you’d like to think that with new cycles come new developments and changes. After all, what’s a new year without new resolutions?  

By way of example, in the same way that individuals strive to be better human beings, employers explore new ways of how they can turn their workplace into an environment which offers greater satisfaction and engagement to take their employer branding to the next level.  

Well, if you’re an employer and you’re reading this, 2020 could very well be your year to embark on a journey of self-discovery to deliver a kick-ass employee experience and take your employer branding to new heights. All you need to get your best employer game on is the right tool or two, and we can help with that.  

Workplaces are filled with people who think and operate differently, so as one might guess, an attempt to augment the employee experience doesn’t come easy for employers – not without the right tool or strategy in place, that is. It takes time, effort and a scientific way of gauging how people interpret what they encounter, observe and feel over the course of their employee journey to really knock employee experience out the park and ace your people practice strategy as an employer. The answer lies in DATA and a great way to acquire such information is through an employee engagement and satisfaction survey. A good employee engagement and satisfaction survey is your golden ticket to really pinning down the strengths and weaknesses of your people and human resource strategy.  

As a research company, we can offer you the ultimate people practice fix and employer branding booster pack. We can help you drill down into the data that really matters to you and your employees so that you can build a game-changing people strategy and in the process get recognised for your great company culture. Here’s how it works: 




We start off by running a rigorous scientific study in which scores are benchmarked against those of other companies who are just as dedicated to their people practices. Over the years, our Employee Voice research tool has helped several market-leading organisations take their people practice strategies to new levels.  

The research assesses and quantifies the attitudes and perception that employees have of their employers across eight crucial domains. Scores from these domains uncover invaluable actionable insights which employers can then act upon to improve their employee experience and work culture.  

The study explores various aspects including the level of care, recognition, team cohesiveness, leadership effectiveness, commitment to employee development and company culture, and focus on performance management. The tool also uses an internationally validated set of questions to assess employee engagement – allowing for unparalleled benchmarking.  

Equipping companies with such information means participating companies are in a better position to execute a planned approach to tackling change using the data the research provides. It also means that companies are a step closer to getting recognised as a top employer, which we’ll discuss next. 

Employer of Choice Certification (EEC) 

BLM’s Employer of Choice Certificate recognises top performing companies for their outstanding employee experience and amazing work culture. The certification is only awarded to companies who meet our strict benchmark criteria.  

A lot can change in the workplace in one year, so to ensure coherence – the recognition process is re-evaluated every twelve months. Doing so, not only challenges businesses to continue to exercise this excellence and stay in top form year-on-year, but it also means that companies who underscored in previous years, get a chance to prove themselves time and time again.  

We are the only local registered certification provider honouring employers for their outstanding people practices and company cultures in Malta. Years of experience analysing the local landscape and working with leading companies around Malta not only makes our recognition process one of the most robust in the local arena, but it also equips our employers with utmost precision and unsurpassed accuracy, which means employers can communicate their brilliance to the world with confidence.  

Want to get certified? 2020’s your year! Become a recognised top employer with BLM’s Employer of Choice Certificate. Get in touch with our team at to get started, or visit  

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