Esprimi signs with Revolut

Friday, 15 February 2019

Photo by Revolut

We are thrilled to announce that our market research arm Esprimi has signed with Revolut. Esprimi is always working on adding more and more innovative partners to the Esprimi Community rewards list and that is why Revolut has been added to its growing list of supporting partners. Thanks to this collaboration, members of the Esprimi Community can now redeem their community points for cash through Revolut.

To set this in motion, community members who do not yet have a Revolut card can sign up for one for free, this way all Esprimi Community members can enjoy claiming cash rewards. Members who already own a Revolut account can go ahead and start making use of this new feature as from next week. You can learn more about our partnership with Revolut and what this means for members of the Esprimi Community by visiting

The Esprimi Panel is a vibrant community of opinionated people ready to share their views on issues, trends, brands, products and services. This online panel is made up of thousands of customers from all age-groups with varied interests, diverse lifestyles, and different opinions. They are people from all walks of life in one space, ready and willing to speak their mind. Together, these people make up a sample which is representative of the general population in Malta. If you are new to Esprimi and wish to join the Esprimi Community, please sign up at

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