Business Leaders Malta joins forces with iGaming Idol

Wednesday, 09 May 2018

This morning at the iGaming Idol 2018 official press release

Business Leaders Malta will once again join forces with iGaming Idol to deliver the iGaming Idol 2018 Employer of the Year award, one of twenty-one award categories that recognise top talent and best practice in the online gaming industry in Malta.

The iGaming Idol Awards is a premium award show created to recognise top talent and give employees within the gaming industry their due importance. It is the only award show in the iGaming industry which recognises both individuals and companies or projects for their outstanding performance and talent in their respective categories.

The iGaming Idol 2018 identifies 21 categories which individuals can enter ranging from Tech Idol of the Year to Fraud and Risk Idol of the Year amongst others. One of these categories, is the Employer of the Year – first introduced in the second edition of the iGaming Idol Awards in 2017. 

The goal of the iGaming Idol Employer of the Year award is to give individuals and companies the recognition that they deserve for their efforts at best people practice in the industry.

For the second consecutive year, companies will have the option to participate in an abridged version of Business Leaders Malta’s Employee's Voice, an independent research which benchmarks employee engagement and satisfaction across various domains within different sectors. Companies will be judged through a survey distributed to the employees of each participating company.

The goal of Employee’s Voice is to help companies recognise the true achievement of their organisation by offering insights on which levers to pull to better engage their workforce, boost company productivity, and increase employee happiness. To learn more about Employee’s Voice, visit:

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Academy of Business Leaders rebrands to Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS)

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