ILM Diploma in Leadership & Management (MQF Level 5)

October 2014 - June 2015
Finish this diploma in 10 months! All lectures are 100% tutor led and held between 1700hrs - 2000hrs.

Why study an ILM Diploma in Leadership and Management (MQF Level 5)?
The Diploma in Leadership and Management is designed for practising and aspiring middle managers, helping them to develop their skills and experience, improve performance and prepare for senior management responsibilities.

Benefits for individuals
• Use core management techniques to drive better results.
• Develop your ability to lead, motivate and inspire.
• Provide strategic leadership as well as day-to-day management.
• Benchmark your managerial skills.
• Raise your profile in your organisation.

Benefits for employers
• Encourage strategic thinking at this level of management to foster business improvement.
• Engage middle managers with training and development.

The qualification is made up of a broad range of modules covering skills in a number of core areas – working with people, managing yourself and personal skills, providing direction, facilitating innovation and change, achieving results, and using resources.
Module 1: Assessing your own leadership capabilities and performance

  • Understand leadership styles within an organisation
  • Be able to review effectiveness of own leadership capability and performance in meeting organisational values and goals
  • Be able to adopt an effective leadership style to motivate staff to achieve organisational values and goals
Module 2: Managing Stress & Conflict in the organisation

  • Understand the effectiveness of own organisationin dealing with workplace stress and conflict
  • Be able to improve the management of workplace stress and conflict in own area of responsibility
Module 3: Management Communication

  • Understand the importance of effective communication in management
  • Be able to develop effective communication skills as a reflective manager
Module 4: Managing Recruitment

  • Understand human resource planning in an organisation
  • Be able to plan and implement recruitment in line with legal and organisational requirements
Module 5: Managing Operations Research

  • Be able to conduct operations research in an organisation.
  • Be able to interpret the outcomes of operations research.
Module 6: Leading innovation and change

  • Understand the need for innovation and change management within an organisation
  • Be able to propose innovative solutions to improve organisational performance
  • Be able to lead and manage change within an organisation
Module 7: Understanding the Management Role to improve Management Performance

  • Understand the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals
  • Understand how communication and interpersonal skills affect managerial performance in the workplace
  • Be able to assess personal development opportunities to improve own managerial performance
Module 8: Developing Critical Thinking

  • Be able to critically assess own beliefs, attitudes and value systems
  • Be able to critically assess the validity of management theories in relation to own beliefs, attitudes and values
Module 9: Understanding Financial Management

  • Understand finance within the context of an organisation
  • Understand the value of recording financial management information
  • Understand budgets for the management of own area of oper ation
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