ISMM Certificate in Sales & Marketing (MQF Level 4)

Certificate in Sales and Marketing (MQF Level 4 Certificate)

March - June 2016

The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) is the professional membership body for sales people. Their mission is to promote standards of excellence in sales and enhance the status of sales as a profession.

The certification is made up of a range of modules covering skills in a number of core areas – understanding laws and ethics of selling, preparing and delivering a sales presentation, handling objections, negotiations and closing sales, understanding influences on buyer behaviour, and using market information for sales.

Benefits for individuals:
• Develop your abilities in Sales and Marketing.
• Raise your profile in your organisation.

Benefits for employers:
• Above average performance and increased sales
• Employers validate skills.
Module 1: Understanding laws and ethics of selling

This unit aims to support learners in understanding the legal and ethical requirements in sales and understand the consequences of non-compliance for individuals, organisations and customers.
Module 2: Preparing and delivering a sales presentation

This unit aims to provide the necessary skills for preparing, developing and delivering sales presentations (or pitches) including considering the customer’s needs and preparing a presentation to meet those needs. Candidates should be able to give a sales presentation to suit the customer and meet pre-defined objectives. 
Module 3: Handling objections, negotiating and closing sale

This unit aims to provide the skills to handle and overcome sales objections and to negotiate in order to be able to close the sale effectively in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the customer and own organisation.
Module 4: Understanding influences on buyer behaviour

This unit aims to provide the knowledge and understanding necessary to enable the sales person to respond to different members of the decision-making unit, whether in consumer markets or organisational markets. Knowledge of buyer behaviour enables the sales person to identify appropriate methods of contact and present appropriate solutions depending on who is involved in the sales decision.
Module 5: Using market information for sales

This unit aims to provide the knowledge and skills needed to obtain and analyse information that helps to understand the markets that are sold into.
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